Which Compound Should You Use to Restore Shine: Polishing or Rubbing?

If you’re looking to restore the shine to your car, you may be wondering which compound is the best choice for the job: polishing or rubbing. The answer depends on the condition of your car’s finish.

Polishing is a great choice for cars with minor scratches and swirls. It’s also a good option for restoring the shine and luster to a dull finish. When you use a quality polishing compound, it will remove a thin layer of oxidation and grime from the paint and reveal the underlying shine. It’s important to note that polishing is not suitable for cars with major scratches or those that need a lot of work.

Rubbing compounds are a better choice for cars with deep scratches and abrasions. Unlike polishing, rubbing compounds are designed to be more abrasive, so they can cut through the top layer of paint and reveal a smoother finish. When using a rubbing compound, be sure to use a softer cloth to avoid damaging the paint.

When it comes to restoring the shine to your car, it’s important to choose the right compound for the job. Polishing is a great choice for minor scratches and swirls, while rubbing compounds are better for deep scratches and abrasions. With the right tools and a bit of care, you can restore the shine to your car in no time.