Brz Slammed — Why Slamming Your BRZ is a Bad Idea.

blue bmw m 3 on road during daytime

If you own a Subaru BRZ, you might be tempted to “slam” it – that is, lower it closer to the ground for an improved aesthetic look. However, there are several reasons why this is generally a bad idea. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the reasons why you should think twice before slamming your BRZ.

  1. It’s Harder to Drive
    When you lower your car, you also change its center of gravity. This makes it harder to handle, particularly around corners. The last thing you want is to lose control of your car and wind up in a ditch! If you do decide to lower your BRZ, make sure you take it easy on the road until you get used to the new handling.
  2. You May Run Into Problems with Speed Bumps
    Speed bumps are designed to slow traffic down – but they can also cause problems for lowered cars. If your BRZ is too low to the ground, you may find yourself scraping over speed bumps (which can damage both your car and the speed bump itself). To avoid this problem, take an alternate route or drive slowly over the speed bump.
  3. Your Car May Become Less Comfortable
    Lowering your car may give it a more aggressive look – but it could also make it less comfortable to drive. That’s because when you lower your car, you also change its suspension. This can make for a rougher ride, particularly over bumpy roads. If comfort is important to you, consider leaving your BRZ at its factory height.

Slamming your BRZ may be tempting – but it’s not always a good idea. Before making any changes to your car’s height, think about how it will affect the way your car drives and handles. You may also want to consider how comfortable you’ll be behind the wheel; lowering your car may make for a rougher ride. All things considered, it’s usually best to leave your BRZ at its factory height.